Sunday, April 14, 2013

 April 11, 2013

Buenos Dias! 
This week has been so wonderful! I don't have a lot of time to write so I will get to it! We went contacting and doing service at the University and both times Hna Page and I talked to 2 wonderful people. If you all know me, you know that I love to talk! Probably too much. So these people didn't know that when they said hello to me we would have an hour long discussion! The amazing thing was to see how these two had been prepared to listen. They were both catholic and both very intersted in the Book of Mormon. When I explained to they young woman that families can be together forever her face lit up and she smiled so big. The Lord helped me a lot to know what to say. Usually, in normal story telling or conversations, I say a lot of needless things. But I felt strength by having my companion with me and the Spirit. Hna Page is still really shy when it comes to speaking spanish so I have taken the lead so far. It has forced my spanish to improve and my knowledge. I usually turn to her and ask her in english what the scripture I am looking for is and she turns to it. Or she knows a random spanish word I can't think of. I am so blessed to have her! I couldn't have asked for a better companion. General Conference flew by so fast! We sit in our desks in a classroom to watch it and we all loved it. Many of us cried seeing the conference center and knowing that our families were there or watching it too. It was nice to see home! It looked cloudy! Sad for you guys, because let me just say I am getting a bit of a tan down here. Actually my freckles are just covering me and getting darker!(: I love the weather unless I am working out in it. You sweat so much! It is kind of gross! I have felt my Heavenly Father's hand in my life so much this past week. I have felt His love for me and for each one of you. I know that He lives. He truly Lives. I know that our Savior, Jesus Christ, will come again. I know that He lived and died for you and for me. I LOVE this work. I have so much to improve on. As I listened to a devotional by Elder Bednar I realized that I have to lose myself in the service of others in order to become who the Lord wants me to be!
I know this part is random but 4/15/13 will be one year since I met one of my best friends Elder Taylor. I look back on the past year and many of you have come into my life in that time. I hope you each know how grateful I am for matter how long I have known you. God bless you all and remember that you are each a Son and Daughter of God.
I love you all!
Hermana Davila

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